Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Money is a touchy subject for most of us. But as the saying goes, when you know better you do better. And how else are we all going to learn if we don’t talk about the things we struggle with? I know for a fact that when I started working and got my first pay check I made a lot of mistakes with how I spent my money. This is partly because we are not really taught how to treat money. How to save or even just how to budget properly in school. Which leads to big problems later on in life. With the new year underway I thought I’d share some money mistakes to avoid.

  • Spending money you don’t have: We have all been there. You walk into a shop and a cute dress catches your eye. Before you know it you are at the till swiping your credit card knowing full well you just don’t have the money to be buying the dress in the first place. And whilst I am all for treating myself. There is a way to do so responsibly. One way is to save for the things you really want, and the second is to stay as far away as possible from credit cards. Because whilst it may not feel like it at the time. Credit cards encourage us to spend money we don’t have.
  • Signing up for credit cards and accounts at stores: This is to build up on my first point. At university I had so many friends who had store accounts so they could buy on credit even though they were not making money. This meant that when the left school they were often left with huge debt that they had to pay off instead of being able to save or buy things they need for their economic and financial futures.
  • Taking out loans you don’t need: As someone who has just finished paying off some loans I took out but did not need I can tell you that I wish I knew better. Not only because a lot of loans have high interest rates. But also because in hindsight there were better ways to handle expenses rather than taking out loans. The only three loans you ever really need in life are student loans, home loans and medical emergency loans. Apart from that there is no real reason to take out a loan.



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