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This may not be easy to hear, but COVID is not going anywhere anytime soon. With a few countries slowly rolling out a vaccine, the hopes of things getting back to “normal” is a little further off than most of us care to admit. With that being said, this doesn’t mean you should keep living in sweat pants or pajamas. In fact with the rise of online meetings, virtual learning and such. More and more of us are finding the gaps in our closet sooner rather than later. Here are so staple pieces to invest in this year.

  1. A good blazer: As someone who has always been blazer adverse, the idea of owning a blazer seemed a little too much for me. But as many meetings have gone virtual, blazers have become a staple in any closet. For a piece that will last you for many years to come go for a prime colour in a good fit.
  2. A good pair of flat shoes: The flat shoe is having a major come back. And in many different styles too. From brogues to ballet flats. Having a good pair of flat shoes is a must.
  3. Everyday jewelry: If you are looking for one area to splurge this year then go for jewelry. This means easy to wear every day pieces in good metals. Personally. cannot live without my collection of hoop earrings that I keep on heavy rotation. I have them in varying thickness sizes and find that they go with everything and anything in my closet.
  4. A good pair of jeans: I’ll admit to always buying my jeans from fast fashion brands. That was until I discovered the world of real denim. This is denim that can probably outlast us all and that fits really well. Whilst finding the right brand for you can be a mission, as brands tend to have their own sizing. Once you do, you will be wearing yours daily and stocking up when ever possible.
  5. Day to night dresses: The idea of dressing for day to night may seem odd given the current state of the world. But As someone who has committed to dressing up more in general, having a dress I can wear for meetings and at home date nights is a must.
  6. Foolproof t-shirt: A few months ago whilst getting socks at H&M I came across the conscious collection linen t-shirts and have worn them ever since. Not only are they perfect for summer. But the cut and length are perfect for all body types and sizes. Throw these on with your favorite jeans and flats and voila.
  7. All day pajamas: Whilst I love dressing up as much as the next person. Some days I just like to stay in my pajamas. Which is why investing in a pair that is slightly elevated is a must. For this think separates like shirt and pants in cool prints that will make you feel dressed up even if your are just in your pjs all day.




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