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Starting any workout routine or regiment can cause a lot of stress on your body. Which is why knowing what to do to reduce or alleviate stress caused by working out is important. Whether you are a looking to start some high intensity workouts, running or even yoga. It’s important to protect your joints and body from strain and stress. Below are a few tips and tricks to consider trying when starting a new workout routine or getting back to an active workout.

  • Start off slow: It may seem obvious, but starting off slow is always the way to go. Whether you are starting to workout for the first time, or you are getting back into it. Starting off slowly is a must. One thing you can do is modifications of certain workout moves. This way you are giving your body and muscles time to catch up and get strong enough to complete moves and workouts.
  • Stretch:Whilst stretching may seem like a useless use of your precious workout time. It is an essential part of getting your muscles warm and ready for what is to come. Stretching is as important as the workout itself and can be the difference between sticking to your routine, or stopping because you are too stiff the next day.
  • Correctly fuel your body: Part of getting into shape is knowing that your body needs the fuel to do what you want it to. This means eating correctly and fueling your body with good fats, lean protein and good carbs. Think chicken, fatty seafood like salmon, brown rice, vegetables, fruit like bananas, nuts and brown whole wheat bread.
  • Take your rest seriously: Whilst you may be tempted to workout seven days a week. It is important to remember that your body needs a break. This doesn’t mean you have to sit on a couch all day. But you can take it down a few notches some days by doing some light yoga. Going for a walk, or just stretching or foam rolling.
  • Maintain proper form: Thanks to modern technology, you can learn to workout correctly without unnecessarily hurting yourself. Check in with a trainer or watch youtube videos for correct form when doing various workouts.



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