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The year may have officially started but that doesn’t mean the problems of 2020 have magically disappeared. And by problems, we mean the global pandemic that has forever changed all our lives in one way or another. And whilst some of us are back to some normalcy and as such wearing real clothes instead of tracksuit pants and pajamas all day. Some of us are still having to accept that this is the new normal. But that doesn’t mean we cannot dress up either. Below are a list of 6 versatile pieces that are keeping is inspired to look and feel good. After all, what is it they say? When we look good, we feel good. And I for one know that dressing up, even when I’m just working at home, is a quick way to make me feel good.

  1. Kitten heels: Whilst regular heels may be a thing of the past for many of us. It does not mean we should give up on heels altogether. Instead, kitten heels offer the comfortable easy to wear alternative that doesn’t feel too dressy even if you are working from home, chasing around toddlers and taking zoom calls.
  2. A good pair of blue slim cut jeans: We talk about denim a fair share but with good reason. Of all the pieces in all our closets, I think it is fair to say that denim is one of the most versatile. Not only can you dress it up. But it can take the wear and tear of real life.
  3. Maxi dresses: Whether you live in the north or southern hemisphere. You cannot go wrong with a maxi dress. Its an easy to wear option that you can throw on in a matter of seconds and feel put together. I have an array of them in a variety of materials for different temperatures and occasions.
  4. White sneakers: A good white sneaker is a lust have and goes with everything and anything. For most of us who are do not want to get completely dolled up at home, the white sneaker is the perfect alternative. Not only does it go with literally everything, but its super comfortable too.
  5. A good blazer: As someone who has never really been a fan of blazers, I now see why they are so popular. Not only does a blazer help make you look more polished for zoom calls. But like sneakers it also can go with just about anything. Just throw it on when you want to feel more put together.



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