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When it comes to health, you can say we are a little more than obsessed. From signing our whole team up for the In Goop Health Online summit. To trying and talking about every health trend under the sun. Which is why fresh off of our first few weeks of the In Goop Health summit. Along with some trends we have been seeing online. We have rounded up the top four wellness trends we cannot get over and want to keep doing well into the new season.

  1. Working outside: Whilst most of us have found a few nooks and crannies to turn into home offices. Very few of us have ventured outside. As in outside our doors. Which is one thing we are looking forward to as the weather is in that perfect in between phase, is working from outside. So grab a chair, your laptop and some SPF and enjoy the rays as you work from the outdoors.
  2. At home workouts: Gone are the days of crowded gyms and sweaty machines. These days most of us are getting our workout fix from our homes. Whether you use an app or follow your own fitness routine. Getting fit and healthy has never been so much easier (and wallet friendly) as it is now.
  3. Good sleep habits: As a habitual bad sleeper, I can tell you first hand that not getting enough ZZZs can get exhausting. Which is why I am obsessed with creating a cleaner and better sleeping habits. From keeping electronics out of the bedroom. To ensuring I have a good sleep routine down like drinking tea, reading and ensuring my bedroom is temperature controlled.
  4. Non alcoholic wine: As somewhat of a wine lover, I can say that this new trend was not one I was into. But once I got a taste of some of the great non alcoholic wines out there I was convinced (sort of). Not only is it a great way to steer clear of midweek hangovers. But it is also a healthier alternative ,




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