Written by: Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

Over the past few weeks I have been battling a relentless cold. After brushing it off as a transitional change of season cold, I became worried when it just wouldn’t let up. After trying my normal tried and true remedies for treating a cold, I started to think I might have COVID. My fears escalated when my daughters nanny told us that the mother of one of the children she takes care of had been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID. Whilst my husband is the one who handles pick ups and drop offs. Both of us started to wonder if maybe he had brought it home with him. Thankfully, the parent in question tested negative and slowly but surely my own symptoms have started to improve.

But one thing I learnt over the past few weeks is just how much I sometimes take my health for granted. Whilst i have never liked being bedridden or sick/ Being sick when you are a parent to a robust toddler is something else. Not being able to do my usual chores, and play with daughter has been difficult for me. As well as fears of infecting my husband as well as other loved ones with COVID. Now I am even more appreciative of my own health journey but also the reality of COVID. Whilst its already been more than a year since the first cases were reported. Seeing and hearing about COVID in theory and knowing someone (or some people) who have had it, and also fearing that you have it is something else.

And whilst I have followed the COVID rules of wearing a mask and hand washing (although one year in, I must say that I am slowly slacking with that now). I do see that we still need to treat COVID seriously.

We may all be tired of staying in. Of not being able to do the things we once were able to do. But there is also a real crisis going on. One that can affect and infect anyone of us. So the more we adhere to the rules and regulations. The better for us all. For now and in the long run. I know that I for one am over COVID and all its effects but I also would not want anyone to have to not receive the health care they need. Or die because of something the virus.

Lastly, as a vaccine skeptic (more on that another day), I am now seriously considering getting the vaccine. As a high risk individual due to my HIV statues. I am now more than ever adamant to know all I can about the vaccine options available to me and their effects. Despite my reservations and fears, knowing that I could stop a potentially deadly virus from affecting me and those I love, has made me a somewhat convert. And whilst I may always have my reservations. The reality of the situation is now clearer. And I know that in order to not live in constant fear. I need to get vaccinated.


Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

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