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As someone who has always loved date nights. One thing I found difficult was maintaining that same level of excitement and enthusiasm that came with dressing up every week to have dinner with my husband. And whilst the world continues to face bigger issues. This little tradition of going out was, and continues to be for me a reminder of happier times. A time to forget about the hard stuff and reconnect. Something that feels almost impossible with a toddler, demanding work schedules and deadlines, as well as general fatigue. And whilst France will be opening it s restaurants in the coming month. With a one year old to think about and plan around, I still find that having a good stack at at home date night ideas at the ready is what works best for our little family of three.

Here are some simple fun, and affordable at home date night ideas to try at home.

  1. Wine tasting: Whilst both my husband and I are both fans of good wine. We often leave the good stuff for when friends and family come over. Which is why it feels special when we open a couple of bottles to enjoy on our own. Getting to taste wines from different regions at from different price points is a fun and easy date night that has led us to discover some incredible wines.
  2. Dessert for dinner: What is better than dessert for dinner? Not much in my opinion. Which is why I love the idea of getting together or making some of our favorite desserts for dinner and letting the subsequent sugar rush take over.
  3. Pasta making: Personally I will always choose fresh pasta over dried and so will my husband. Which is why making it together is a great way to connect and get to enjoy our spoils afterwards.
  4. Order in: With so many restaurants offering home delivery. The take out game has changed for good. With fine dining establishments offering their tasty cuisine in the comfort of your own home. This can be enjoyed in bed whilst watching a movie. Or you could recreate a restaurant vibe by setting a beautiful table at home.
  5. Binge watch a show: Way back when my husband and I loved nothing more than sitting back and watching back to back episodes of our favorite show. and nowadays with so many options and different schedules, it can be difficult to get together and plan a binge watching session. Which is why I love having a mini series lined up, complete with all our favorite treats to enjoy as soon as we put our daughter down to sleep.
  6. Cocktail making: Nothing hits the spot like a good cocktail. Which is why my husband and I love to alternate creating our own signature cocktails for each other once in a while. Not only is it a fun thing to do. But its also a great way to get your mind off of things and try new combinations.
  7. Picnic: If you are lucky enough to have a garden or even a patio then this one is for you. Throw together some of your favorite finger foods and enjoy a few hours of technology less fun.



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