Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Poem by Tashinga Chiwomba


The elders of my time only told me that life was cold

They never went in-depth explaining it

Perhaps they thought I was observant enough to understand 

But after all those years, I’m finally getting the hang of it

Let me explain it to you, my beloved

You will still fail after putting in endless hours of blood, sweat and tears.

Then watch someone who did absolutely nothing ‘deserving’ scoop the price

You will serve God all your life but still be the bearer of bad news frequently, whilst the atheists and not so dedicated seem carefree

You will keep yourself pure and watch the defiled scoop ‘happy marriages’ whilst you’re served with bitter beatings in your own

You will call out plenty a times for the thorn in your flesh to be removed but watch the thorn in someone who just got pricked be removed

You will start from rock bottom up, then watch it all crumble to the sea

It never gets better

We just grow stronger 

We continue paying no mind to anything outside our own

We continue hoping for the best and persisting

We continue failing till we someday succeed

Praying till our own prayers are answered

Purifying ourselves for joy cometh in the morning 

This, my beloved, is what we call LIFE!!!


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January 11, 2023
January 16, 2023