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Poems by Precious K


The things I desire

They interrogate me day and night,

Till I plead guilty to not pursuing them.


The things l desire temper with my peace of mind like unsettled debt. 


You are hope, a light in life. 

An emblem of strong women with unbreakable spirits.

You are powerful, soulful, the heavens rejoice within you.

you are, that rock, that fountain of peace , 

a yielding spring of smiles, freely and bountifully disseminated.

        You are unity on six inch heels! 


Let them call you everjoy, mother of nations. 

You are SHE who enters where they dare not. 

Stand firm head held high

Surf through the tides of life,

For these mountains you shall move. 

Bless the almighty for crafting meticulously a woman like you.   

 To the woman who’s cheek only knows a fist not a kiss. 

Whose womb receives kicks 

Spilling her future Bliss. 

To the woman who weeps

In her acquaintance is grief. 

In her bed.. Death awaits

With flowers no changes just phases, 

new levels of apologies till peace finds her in the grave. 

To the woman that bares the scars, 

of pain concealed with thick layers of smiles and giggles. 

Bruises on her confidence bandaged with scented oils of hope and strength. 

It will be okay… 

To  the woman who tries to let go. 

We plead your case before God

for the law fails us. 

To the Rock that survived, you too shall heal. 

For the ones we lost in this unending battle 

We still fight.. For peace 

Our peace 

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