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One of the few perks of confinment is learning skills that I never knew I need. Skills like how to make my clothes and shoes last longer. Whilst I am not the worst person when it comes to taking care of my belongings, I did become somewhat of an expert over the past few months. Not just because I wanted to make my belongings last longer. But also because with the way things are going with the environment I wanted to buy less and make both my clothes and my families clothes last longer.

After all, one is less likely to buy new clothes and shoes if the ones you already own are in good condition. Furthermore, it means that if you do find yourself wanting to change your style or get rid of your clothes, if they are kept well you are able to donate them or even resell them. Which is much better than throwing them away. Here are some things I have learnt so far;

  • Most clothes need to be washed on a cold wash except whites which can stand a warm wash
  • Instead of just dividing clothes into colors, I also divide them into delicacy. This means washing workout gear, underwear, satin and silk on a gentle cycle.
  • Wash denim after a you’ve worn them a few times and try
  • Use a bra bag for washing bras in the washing machine and use a delicate wash cycle
  • Wash wool clothing separately to ensure they  maintain their shape, size and form
  • For clothes with sweat stains use a pre-wash spray to help loosen up stain and odor
  • Mix in a little white vinegar to washing liquid to help eliminate odor from clothes
  • Wash baby clothes on a gentle cycle and separately to help them last longer
  • For shoes, make sure to have sole reinforcements put on to make shoes last longer
  • Also make sure to have shoes fixed before they are completely worn out

These are just a few tips I have learnt over the past few months to make my clothes look good for longer, but also keep them out of landfills.



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