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As a somewhat professional at home workout junkie. It seems only natural that all spheres of working out and staying fit interest me. Which is why ahead of the week when I was planning my workouts, I started to wonder about my workout gear. That is my workout mat, weights, resistance bands, clothes and anything else I use when working out. Unlike most people, I have been a fan of at home workouts for a while now. After years of working out at a gym, I decided to try some at home workouts when my family and I moved top France. Mainly because the nearest gym was a bus ride away. And whilst I may enjoy getting a workout in everyday. Getting myself pumped for it takes some work. Which is why I didn’t want to have an excuse to not work out. And taking the bus to workout seemed like a recipe for disaster.

With so many workout options for every level and need it seemed like the perfect way to get fit and save money. But with at home workouts comes the dreaded at home cleanouts. Which begs the question, how often should one clean up their gear? Personally I like to clean my mat, weights and all other equipment at least once a week. I do so by mixing vinegar with lemon, lavender or tea tree and water in a spray bottle and wiping everything down.

As for my workout clothes, I love a cute workout outfit. And since I have saved so much money on gym fees, I like to get a couple of cute workout outfits that double as at home lounge wear. For these I like to wear one outfit per workout unless I am doing a very easy workout like yoga and don’t feel the need to. But generally I tend to feel better if I wear my workout gear only once. I then wash them together in one load on a gentle wash with cold water and a splash of white vinegar. The white vinegar I find helps with removing ant sweat from my workout gear. And because most of my workout clothes are made from stretchy fabrics. I have found that a gentle wash makes them last longer.

How often do you wash your workout gear and equipment?



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