Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Whilst the new year can be a good time to refresh old habits and find better ways of doing things. It also a great time to take the lessons learnt from the previous year into the new year. With the skincare world changing daily, it can be hard to decide what routines and rituals are worth keeping, and which need a refresh. Here are some skincare lessons we learnt in 2020 that we are taking with us into the new year.

  1. Using sunscreen everyday
  2. The importance of a healthy well balanced diet for goof skin
  3. Drinking at least two liters of water a day
  4. Avoiding touching our faces with dirty hands
  5. Steaming our faces as often as possible
  6. The importance of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C
  7. Removing makeup every night
  8. Moisturizing skin every day



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January 5, 2021