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Whilst I’ve never really prescribed to the idea that love should only be expressed on one day like Valentines day. The past year and all it had in store for us all has made me rethink my position. In part because I feel like now more than ever we need a reason to celebrate, and dress up. And whilst these tips are for Valentine’s day or date night dressing. They can also be used to change up your look any other day. The idea is to get out of what ever style rut you may find yourself in, and look good for yourself and your partner. Or just for yourself, because you deserve to look and feel powerful, sexy and beautiful.

Personally I will be away from my husband this Valentine’s day due to work commitments, however I am planning a little virtual valentines day celebration of sorts. And may actually end up making a tasty meal for my sister and I who I am currently staying with.

  • Go all the way out: If there is one thing I have not done is dress up lately. After living in my tracksuit pants for what feels like years now, I am ready to seriously change things up. Which is why I am grabbing one of my most striking pieces from my closet this valentines day. Have a sequin dress you only wear for special occasions? Wear it. Or that beautiful masterpiece that you have not yet worn as you await the perfect moment? Wear it. What ever it is. If could have feathers, frills and everything in between. Now is as good a time as any to put it on.
  • Show off your body: I love my legs and thighs lately. Thanks to some intense working out on my end. I feel like my body and especially my legs are looking better than ever. Which is why I plan to show them off. One way to do this is by wearing a short dress or skirt. Or opt for curve and leg showing pants or jeans.
  • Let your personality come through: If you were to guess my personality on my recent style choices, you might think I am a bit of a tom boy. But that could not be more further from the truth. Not only am I girly girl. But I am also a huge fan of frilly dresses, tulle, sparkle, pink and all those other somewhat cliche “girly” things. I also am a huge fan of drama. Which usually means unexpected touches, a bold lip and a sky scraping heel.
  • Try some lipstick: One thing I have missed since COVID started is wearing a bold bright red lip. I realized pretty quickly that whilst I could technically still wear it under my mask. I did find it annoying when it would be smudged all over the inside of my mask. Which is why, one of my main style updates for Valentine’s day and beyond is wearing a red lip as often as possible. If you are not a fan of lipstick. Try a cute lipgloss or nude lipstick to make your lips pop.



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