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Getting physical is important now as it has ever been. Even with most gyms closed to the public due to COVID19. Moving your body is a great way to get away from the global anxiety we are all currently under. When you give yourself and your body some space to grow and move. And take your mind off of what is going on (COVID, deaths, unemployment etc). It becomes clearer that moving our bodies is one way we can all get a little breathing room. And whilst working out with friends light be off the table. It doesn’t mean you cant workout with your partner or family member. Below are 6 fun physical activities to do with any partner or person you are staying with.

  1. Running: This is an oldie but goodie, and a great way to get out of your house or apartment. Making the time to see your neighborhood, breathe in some fresh air and workout your body is just one of the many benefits of running or jogging. Thanks to apps like the Nike running app (which is free) and so many more. You can focus your running and slowly and safely build up your stamina.
  2. Online workouts: As a fan of various online workout apps and videos. I am often trying to rope in my husband or sister to workout with me. It does make things a big more enjoyable when you are working out with someone and even have someone to hold you accountable.
  3. Dancing: My sister is a big fan of tik toks and one of the many videos that people post on tik tok is dancing video. Which often means some nights we find ourselves standing in front of our phones trying to learn choreography. The videos are usually short but the hours spent practicing and trying to get them right are enough to help you break a sweat.
  4. Trampolining: If you are lucky enough to have a garden then this might be the time to invest in a trampoline. Known to help tone your body and get your heart rate going. Jumping on a trampoline for a few minutes a day is a fun way to spend with the little people or big people in your home.
  5. Sport: Whilst most of the world does not have the luxury of a tennis or basketball court at home. There are some of these open to the public around the world even during COVID. If the above mentioned do not tickle your fancy then try something else to help get you going.





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