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Lockdown has seen our lives changed in many ways in the past year or so. And the biggest change has been how we workout, or don’t workout. If I am being honest I hadn’t worked out much before the first lockdown because I was pregnant. But after giving birth and resting a bit (ok a lot). I started missing the endorphines from a good workout. But with all manner of gyms and workout spaces closed. I started working out at home using various apps. One thing I quickly realized is that unlike a gym. Working out at home requires a little bit of innovation, and a few tools to help you get the best results. Here are 5 tools I rely on for my at home workout.

  1. Resistance bands: The best thing about resistance bands is the multitude of ways you can use them. From lower body to arm workouts, I enjoy using a variety of them. From low to high resistance.
  2. Weights: Weights are a must for at home strength workouts. From my experience having at least three different sizes is a must. Try some light, medium and heavy ones. But starting off with some light ones is a good place to start.
  3. Foam roller: I love my foam roller and think of taking it with me where ever I go. It’s not a workout tool per-say. But it is something I like to use before and after my workouts. It helps with sore muscles and tenderness. Its also a great way to stretch out muscles before an intense workout.
  4. Sliders: Sliders are not the first thing most people buy when looking to start working out at home, but they should be. These useful and compact circles help to tighten up cores and get the heart rate going.
  5. Skipping rope: Unlike most people, I am not a fan of cardio. But if you know anything about working out then you probably know by now that cardio is the best way to shed some unwanted weight. Which is why having a skippi,g rope is not only handy, but necessary.



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February 26, 2021