Written by: Admin_SheEvo

For those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere. Spring is a hop skip and a jump away from being a reality. Which means this is the perfect time to clean out your space, closet and anything else that you have been hoarding all winter. Whilst I have never been one to subscribe to clean outs at certain periods. This year feels a little different, and I am wanting to feel lighter as we head into warmer weather. This is even more true as the reality of things opening back up becomes more and more likely. Like many people I have been spending the past year in sweats, very little make up and worn out clothes. So much so that when I did want to get dressed up recently I couldn’t figure out how to pick out an outfit.

Which inspired me to start looking through all the clothes I have and try come up with outfits and things to wear. Below are my tried and true steps for cleaning out my closet and finding my personal style.

  1. Create a mood board: Before getting to the hard work, I like to sit down and pin outfits I love. Outfits that make me feel happy to get dressed up, confident and strong. After I am done pinning I like to see what the common thread is in the outfits I have put together. It seems the coming season is filled with lots of feminine dresses, pastel colors and comfortable by stylish flat shoes.
  2. Edit accordingly: After I have honed in on the items I am loving. I like to edit my closet seeing which pieces fit my style and look. I also make a note of any pieces that are missing for when I shop. This ensures that I shop with intention instead of buying pieces just because.
  3. Create piles: In true Marie Kondo style I like to create piles for my clothes during my clean out. This includes items that need altering and fixing. Stuff to donate. Clothes, shoes and bags to sell and those to gift to friends and family.
  4. Make everything accessible: After cleaning out my closet I like to pack everything back in in a way that will allow me to see all my clothes as much as possible.
  5. Play dress up: Last but not least is playing dress up. I like to put together outfits that I love and want to recreate from street style images or magazines I have seen. Having at least a weeks worth of outfits at the ready makes dressing up easier. Especially on days when inspiration is lacking.



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