Written by: Admin_SheEvo

I never thought I’d say this, let alone write it. But my husband of late has been the more fashionable one of us two. As most of the world (including us) has been working from home. One thing my husband has been doing consistently for over a year now is dressing up. To put it into perspective my husband is not, and never has been a very dressy guy. His usual go to uniform for the office is a pair of colored pants muted colors, with a buttoned up shirt. If he has a big meeting then he will usually throw on a suit with a plain white shirt.

Which is why I was so surprised that whilst I was slumming it in my tracksuit pants and pajamas all day. My husband would get up every morning, shower and get dressed as if he was going to the office. When I asked him why, he said it is because it helps him feel put together, but also motivate him to work. Looking back I see how this can be true. As being in your pajamas all day can sometimes push you to stay in bed. Take longer naps than usual. And generally fall into a rut. Which is pretty much what happened to me.

Which is why over the past couple of days I have been making it a point to get up, workout, shower and get dressed. Whilst I have almost always worked from home in pajamas or sweats; Nowadays I am making an effort to update my work from home wardrobe to elevated basics, more jewelry and very light make up. And I must say after only a few days I see the appeal.

Not only am I more motivated to work but also get outside. Even just to get groceries or take a short walk as we are currently under our third lockdown. So next time you feel tempted to stay in your pajamas or workout clothes all day. Try making the effort to get dressed up even just a little. My current go to includes a pair of fitted jean with a stripped jersey, some layered necklaces and earrings. Or if I am feeling extra fancy, then I like to switch it up with a satin skirt and easy to wear top. What ever your happy medium is, try it and see if it changes your productivity.



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