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After almost two years without my period due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. My period started again a few months back. And in an effort to track some of the changes and also start knowing when my period would be., I downloaded the free period tracker Flo. As so much of my body, including my menstrual cycle has changed after having a baby. It has been a great way to see how my menstrual health was doing. And also see if there were any major changes. Whilst I did notice almost instantly how much my period had changed. Another thing I became aware of thanks to the app, was how much my energy levels were influenced by my period.

For a long time, I always thought of my period as something that only happens for a few days a month. However, after using the app and reading up on the different phases of my cycle leading up to my period. I started to notice some real differences and changes in my body, mood, cravings and even energy levels.

One thing that has become increasingly clear is that whilst our period might be seen as the “main event” in our cycle. The other days do matter too. And play an integral part in ensuring our bodies function as they should. With this in mind, I realized and was even prompted by the app, when to up my workout routines, and when to take it slow. This has been a game changer in the way I workout as I now not only workout according to my mood. But also where I am in my cycle and how much energy I actually have.

This has been super helpful in ensuring that whilst i am almost always able to move my body. That after a workout I don’t feel completely burnt out as I used the little bit of energy I had at that time. Meaning I could go on with my day and responsibilities. Upon further research I found out a lot more about what happens to the female body in the course of a month. And this has helped me better plan my activities, to do lists and even workouts.

So if you are looking to get a leg up on your workouts and get a better understanding of your body. I would suggest downloading an app such as Flo for more information. Or simply doing the research online.



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