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I remember getting a revelation one day telling me I need to do more of what I love. So I followed this revelation, and now I have more than 20 plants in my appartment, and I have never been happier. I am a proud plant mamma, and yes, I have enough space for all of them in my apartment. There are so many benefits to having indoor plants. Firstly, being around plants helped reduce my stress and anxiety levels, which generally promoted a sense of calmness and wellness in my apartment. Having plants around me helps to improve my mood and increase my productivity levels, as they help to create a more pleasant, relaxing and creative environment. My indoor plants also play a huge role in enhancing my apartment’s natural beauty. My indoor plants have become a central home decor, and it simply creates a more aesthetically pleasing space. Taking care of indoor plants is so rewarding. The reward comes when all the effort you put into taking care of the pants turns into a new baby leaf and more growth.

Being a plant mamma also exposed me to other interesting realities. I have been referred to as a “coconut” for loving and caring for indoor plants. For your reference, The term “coconut” is sometimes used to describe a person who is black on the outside (referring to their skin colour) and white on the inside (referring to their cultural identity). It is typically used to describe people of a specific ethnic or racial background but may not fully identify with the culture or traditions associated with that background. Apparently, being a plant mamma is a “white thing”. I do not usually get upset over such things, but I wonder how many black women are shamed for doing what they are passionate about. It is already hard for black women to fit into the conventional ways of being, but it seems like it is just as hard when they pursue what they are naturally good at.

These are just societal pushbacks that need to be pushed back. As Black women, we may face unique challenges and barriers, but we should not let this discourage us. We have the power to overcome any obstacle, and our unique journeys to success will only make us stronger and more resilient to do the things we are passionate about. We are beautiful, intelligent, and full of potential. We trust in our abilities and never give up on goals, dreams and passions.



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March 4, 2023