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Poem by Sarah Eno Obongha

Choose To Try Again

At times the hope of a river flows into a canal,
Draining away its current.
At times, the faith of the moon is covered by the cloud
Leaving its mouth silent, even when it screams out loud.
At times the strength of the rain is shadowed by a stride sun
Exposing its weakness even when it’s on the run.
At times we strive towards our goal but are faced with shut doors,
Banged against us,
Leaving us injured and chiselled by bitterness.
At times our mistakes are bold, staring us right in the face,
sending more fear to our injured minds.
At times care becomes a curse as sorrow lingers in our home,
Our doubt knocks on our strength like a homeless pet,
Ready to feed on us as a pest.

Always bear in mind;
That you can choose to try again.

At times the star shines bright, giving hope to those who stare,
At times the moon glows, it glows so radiantly,
that even the cloud dims Its eyes.
At times the rain falls with drums of a fresh start,
creating a symphony with thunder and lightning

as it matches on boldly.
At times we are faced with opportunities,
It appears unto us in a blink,
For grabs and steals.
our minds can bear wounds with courage,
as it scares away our sorrow and doubts
at times our strength leads us to our purpose,
bearing in mind the scar of our failure
believing that, even if we fall again,
we will choose to try again.

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    June 22, 2023

    I love this. Well put.

    Thank you so much for sharing.



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