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Today is my 28th birthday, marking seven years since a day that forever changed how I see life. Back in 2017, I turned 21 in a dimly lit dorm room, a place that should have felt like home but instead felt like a prison. I was battling cancer, frail, and unable to sit up straight on my own. Three months into gruelling chemotherapy, I was losing hope fast and didn’t think I would ever celebrate another birthday again. 

I remember that birthday vividly—not only for the pain or the fear but for the unexpected wave of love that crashed over me. Friends from my class, my residence hall, my church, friends of friends—they all came together, bringing laughter, cake, and a kind of joy I didn’t think possible in my circumstances. One of my female lecturer even got me a key trophy. I was in awe. They didn’t just celebrate my birthday, they celebrated my life, infusing it with hope and purpose. I could see the sorrow in their eyes as they looked into mine. I knew what they were thinking, but nevertheless, we both managed to focus on the moment and tried to bring out the tiniest joy left within.

In those dark moments, where pain and joy collided in my heart and soul, I realized something profound. Life wasn’t meaningless or worthless – not entirely at least, as I had begun to believe. That day showed me the power of love and empathy, and how they could transform even the bleakest of days into something beautiful. It was a turning point—a tiny spark of hope that changed my perspective on life and every tiniest bit that makes up for it.

Fast forward to today, and I find myself in a similar place physically—bedridden, in pain that words can’t capture, and with a heart heavy with sorrow. But despite these hazy challenges, the way I see and perceive on life has evolved. The experiences I’ve faced have shaped me into a woman filled with courage, love, and kindness – not only towards others, but mostly towards myself.

And because of the experiences I dared to face, I’m grateful for the journey, as difficult as it has been. It has taught me the importance of empathy, and the importance of cherishing every moment as it comes. I am gradually learning that life’s challenges do not define me, rather, it’s how I respond to them that shapes my character and consequently my future.

So, as I celebrate my 28th birthday today, I reflect on the journey from then to now. I celebrate the strength I’ve found within myself and the amazing support of those who have walked alongside me. And I hold onto hope—for brighter days ahead, for moments of joy amidst the pain, and for the continued growth of courage and kindness in my heart.

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    June 28, 2024

    Love and light to you sis
    Keep fighting🫂



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